Improbable Journey

Lewis and Clark Coffee Table Book by Gerry Metz

Gerry Metz recreates the highlights of the historic Lewis and Clark Expedition in his new coffee table book “THE IMPROBABLE JOURNEY”.  

Metz spent 8 years retracing their travels based on the journals, gathering reference, sketching and photographing. It’s their story from St. Louis to the Pacific and back, in paintings, sketches, detailed narrative, excerpts from their journals and artists notes. 

“I sometimes arrived at a location described in their journals on the very day they had been there over 200 years earlier”. The Improbable Journey contains over 60 of Gerry’s paintings and numerous sketches along with photos of his experiences. 

Linen covered book $100

Improbable Journey

Lewis and Clark Limited Edition book by Gerry Metz

This limited edition of one hundred leather bound books comes elegantly displayed in a hand made mesquite wood box with two Bas Relief sculptures of Lewis & Clark by Metz, and also includes a brush used by the artist in the creation of the actual paintings. 

The limited edition is offered at $2,950. Also available in a hardcover at $100 per copy signed by the artist with shipping and handling included. 

Reserve yours by contacting Gerry or calling 480-994-9260.